Texas Motorcycle Accident Statistics [2024 Updated]

Owning and operating a motorcycle comes with a sense of thrill and adventure. Because of the reliably good weather and open roadways, Texas is a popular state in which to own a motorcycle. Unfortunately, there is always a risk of accident or injury when operating a motorcycle. Due to their nature, motorcycles offer less protection to their riders than the average motorized vehicle. Texas motorcycle accident statistics offer a staggering reality to veteran bikers and newcomers alike.

During motorcycle accidents, motorcyclists can suffer severe injuries or even death. The risk becomes significantly higher when not wearing protective gear like helmets. In some instances, a rider may only suffer minor injuries, but if the accident were to involve other cars or even commercial trucks, the injuries and damage sustained could be devastating.

Texas Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Data from the Texas Department of Transportation is clear: every time you enter a roadway on a motorcycle, you risk the possibility of an accident. In one year’s time, Texas motorcyclists and their passengers sustained the following injuries and fatalities:

  • 9,094 motorcyclists and passengers experienced an accident
  • 2,422 sustained serious injuries, including injuries that caused further incapacitation
  • 3,148 sustained suspected minor injuries
  • 562 fatalities occurred to motorcyclists and/or their passengers
  • 218 accidents resulted in unknown injuries
  • 1,276 motorcyclists experienced possible injuries

The numbers listed here represent a person or a loved one who was either hurt or killed in a motorcycle accident. These statistics are eye-opening and should make all motorcyclists think twice about making poor choices like drinking while under the influence and not wearing protective gear whenever they get on their bikes.

Top Reasons for Motorcycle Accidents

There are quite a few reasons for motorcycle accidents in the state of Texas. Some things are beyond an individual’s control, like other drivers and their behavior on the roadways. However, there are a few factors solely in the motorcyclist’s hands that can cause a devastating accident:

  • Alcohol: Drinking and operating a motorcycle is a dangerous mix. It is dangerous not only to the person operating the bike but also to others using the roadway. About 30% of all fatal motorcycle accidents include drivers whose blood alcohol level is above the legal limit.
  • Speed: Driving faster than posted legal speeds is a bad idea for anyone on the roadways, but particularly for motorcyclists and their passengers, who have less physical protection than other drivers.
  • Distracted Driving: Often easily avoidable, distractions while on the roadways can lead to serious accidents like veering off roads, side-swiping other vehicles when changing lanes, read-end collisions, head-on wrecks, and T-bone accidents. Many of these are caused by texting while driving or using a handheld device for purposes other than texting.

Typical Injuries in Motorcycle Crashes

While motorcycle accident fatalities pose a significant risk, the possibility of serious, life-altering injuries that do not always lead to death should not be forgotten. These common injuries can include:

  • Bone breaks and fractures
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Internal bleeding and/or injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Road rash and other wounds leading to infection

Helmet Use

Because operating a motorcycle can be dangerous in some cases, it is vital to employ the use of safety precautions and protective gear. Helmets absolutely have the power to save lives in accidents. While wearing a helmet, the driver–and their passengers–can actively protect their skills, face, and their back and spine. Upon harsh impact, brains can sustain serious traumatic injuries that may result in minor issues like concussions or worse things like paralysis or even death.

Road Risks

Another common cause of Texas motorcycle accidents is hazards on the roads themselves. Things like potholes, debris from other accidents, puddles, oil spills, uneven pavement and ruts, and railroad tracks can be extremely hazardous to motorcyclists.

Weather, too, can play a major role in motorcycle accidents. Rain reduces the driver’s visibility and lessens a tire’s grip on the pavement. Due to their smaller size and weight, wind can push and move a motorcycle from side to side, setting up scenarios for potential wrecks.


Q: Where Do 70% of Motorcycle Accidents Occur?

A: About 70% of all motorcycle crashes occur at intersections. This is often due to the fact that other drivers may not see motorcycles as they are smaller than the average motorized vehicle. Other drivers may also miscalculate how fast a motorcycle is traveling and turn into their path, causing an accident.

Q: What Are the Odds of Dying in a Motorcycle Accident?

A: According to the National Safety Council, the odds of dying in a motorcycle crash are 1 in 747. To improve your odds, it is important to wear protective gear, reduce your distractions, adhere to the legal speed limit, and avoid driving under the influence. Unfortunately, some scenarios are outside of the driver’s control, such as another’s negligence causing the accident.

Q: What Percentage of Motorcycle Riders Have Accidents?

A: On roads across America, there are approximately 89,000 motorcycle accidents a year. When you compare this number to the number of registered motorcyclists, it shows that just over 1% of motorcyclists will undergo an accident in a given year. Keep in mind, however, that many accidents will go unreported, so realistically, this number could be much higher.

Q: What Kills Motorcyclists the Most?

A: Unfortunately, one of the leading causes of motorcycle accident fatalities is alcohol. Being intoxicated while operating any motorized vehicle is a dangerous idea. Because of the lack of physical protections offered by a motorcycle, driving while under the influence is especially dangerous. Operating a motorcycle while under the influence can cause head-on collisions, rear-end crashes, veering from the road, and hitting easily avoided debris.

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