Houston Fire Damage Claims Lawyer

Houston Fire Damage Claims Lawyer
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Houston Fire Damage Claim Attorney

Fire is a fundamental necessity of human life, and people have harnessed the energy of fire in countless ways throughout history. However, fire is incredibly destructive when left unchecked, capable of causing catastrophic injuries, substantial property damage, and possibly even deaths. When fire damage occurs in Houston, TX, the victims may wonder whether they have grounds for legal action to secure compensation for their losses.

Legal Counsel for Fire Damage Claims in Houston, TX

A Houston fire claim attorney can be an invaluable asset in this situation. Some fire claims relate to property damage, and certain types of insurance may come into play for victims seeking recovery for damage to their property. For example, homeowners’ insurance may cover fire damage to your home. Other fire claims relate to injuries caused by fires. If you believe another party is responsible for a fire that resulted in physical injury to you or a loved one, you will have grounds for a personal injury claim against the responsible party. It is also possible for fire claims to pertain to intentionally set fires, and the parties responsible for such fires are likely to face prosecution for arson.

Whatever your fire claim may entail, you need legal counsel you can trust to secure compensation for your losses. The right Houston fire claim attorney can significantly impact your recovery process, potentially helping you secure far more compensation than you initially anticipated. Stevenson & Murray can provide the compassionate legal counsel you need in this challenging situation. Our firm has helped many Houston, TX, area clients recover damages for injuries, including fire-related injuries and economic losses. We can put this experience to work for you in your fire claim.

Why Do I Need a Houston Fire Claim Lawyer?

Navigating any personal injury case or insurance claim without an attorney is very difficult. When it comes to insurance, insurers are rarely agreeable to paying out on claims. For personal injury claims, the average person would likely struggle tremendously to succeed with a personal injury case without an attorney. The civil court imposes several procedural rules the average person would have trouble managing alone. Additionally, even if they succeed, they would likely settle for less than they legally deserve due to a lack of awareness of the compensation options available to them.

Working with an experienced Houston fire claim attorney is an investment in your recovery and is likely to lead to far more compensation than you could have hoped to obtain on your own. Your attorney will assist you in identifying the party or parties responsible for causing the fire at the center of your claim. Once you have identified the defendant or defendants in your civil action, your attorney will help you calculate your claimable damages, likely uncovering avenues of compensation you would have overlooked on your own. Your attorney can also assist you in filing an insurance claim if you have coverage for fire damage. Choosing the right Houston fire claim attorney to represent you can significantly improve your overall recovery and make your legal proceedings much easier to approach with confidence.

Common Types of Fire-Related Claims in Houston

Stevenson & Murray has extensive experience handling a variety of fire-related civil claims on behalf of Houston area clients, including:

  • Household fire claims. If your home caught fire and you sustained property damage, you may not be able to rely solely on your homeowners’ insurance to cover your losses. If necessary, we can help you file a homeowners’ insurance claim, ensuring the carrier processes your claim in good faith and provides a reasonable settlement offer.
  • Arson cases. If someone intentionally set a fire that damaged your home or business or caused injury, we can help you file a civil claim against them while the state prosecutes them for criminal charges.
  • Fire injury claims. If you or a loved one recently suffered an injury in a fire or explosion that someone else caused, we will assist you in holding the responsible party accountable for your losses.
  • Offshore fire and explosion claims. Many people in Houston work offshore, and unique laws apply when injuries occur in maritime work environments. We have extensive experience handling these cases and will apply our experience to your offshore injury case.

Ultimately, fires happen in several ways, and a fire claim can relate to physical injuries and property damage. Unfortunately, determining the best legal options in these situations isn’t always easy, so it’s essential to have legal representation you can trust for your fire claim in Houston, TX.

Potential Injuries and Other Damages in Fire Claims

Fire can be incredibly destructive, easily causing tremendous property damage in a very short time. Insurance may or may not cover fire damage in certain situations, and your Houston fire claim attorney can assist you in determining whether insurance applies to your situation. When it comes to injuries, fire can have devastating effects. Fire-related accidents resulting in injuries can lead to a host of issues, including:

  • Acute, painful burn injuries. Burns are incredibly painful and often require a lengthy recovery time.
  • Lasting physical scarring. Severe burns can easily cause permanent damage to the skin and soft tissue, potentially resulting in permanent scarring and disfigurement.
  • Fire-related injuries can cause substantial amounts of scar tissue, some of which can inhibit normal movement and result in disabilities for the victim. In addition, breathing in smoke and burnt substances can damage the lungs, potentially leading to permanent respiratory system damage.
  • Psychological trauma. Experiencing any type of fire, even one that does not result in physical injury, can be an incredibly traumatic experience. A Houston fire claim attorney can assist you in determining the best way to recover compensation for pain and suffering related to a fire damage claim.

Your fire damage claim in Houston could be a complex and multifaceted issue that you may not know how to handle on your own. If you are struggling in the aftermath of any fire-related accident, Stevenson & Murray can help you determine your best options for legal recourse against the party who caused the accident. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a compassionate and reliable Houston fire claim attorney


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