Houston Oil Rig Injury Lawyer

Houston Oil Rig Injury Lawyer

Injured on a Land-Based Oil Rig in Houston, TX?

Our Houston Attorneys Handle Shore Oil Rig Drilling Accident and Injury Claims

Land Based Rigs

When worker error, improper maintenance, faulty safety devices or company negligence results in a land-based oil rig accident and injury, innocent men and women often pay the price. Severe and even fatal injuries are not uncommon in this hazardous line of work. Victims of land-based oil rig injury may need experienced legal advice and dedicated representation to obtain the financial compensation they may deserve.

At the Texas law firm of Stevenson & Murray, you will find capable attorneys with the legal and industry knowledge you can trust to advise you in filing a claim for benefits or a lawsuit for damages against the negligent party that caused your land-based oil rig injury or your loved one’s death.

Our clients often have families that rely on the income from their job. We can act quickly to protect your right to seek compensation and will work diligently to get you the financial support and compensation you need to take care of your family while you recover from your injuries. All consultations are strictly confidential and will not be shared with your employer.

If you are looking for experienced legal help and dedicated advocacy in a land-based oil rig accident, injury or wrongful death case, we invite you to our offices in Houston to discuss your options with an experienced attorney.

Experience That Makes a Difference

The team at Stevenson & Murray leverages a detailed understanding of the oil and gas industry in Texas, the Gulf Coast and around the world to offer clients practical legal advice and thorough representation in a host of onshore drilling, exploration and pipeline accidents, including the following:

  • Oil well blowouts and gas field fires
  • Falls and other accidents caused by poor maintenance or faulty safety devices
  • Injury caused by rig machinery and equipment failure
  • Worksite exposure to hazardous substances

We also represent oil and gas workers who were injured in a motor vehicle accident while performing job duties.

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To discuss your case in detail with an attorney who has a proven record of success in obtaining real results for injured onshore and offshore oil field workers, please call our offices (713) 622-3223 for a free consultation. You may also contact us online for answers to your important questions or to schedule an appointment.


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