Houston Vessel Injury Lawyer

Houston Vessel Injury Lawyer

Vessels & Injuries Occurring Aboard – Who We Represent

Houston Maritime Accident Lawyers Offer Legal Help for Injured Crewmembers


The Houston law firm of Stevenson & Murray represents injured sailors, crewmen, seamen and other U.S. maritime workers. Our clients are often injured aboard vessels in inland and coastal waters as well as in the open ocean worldwide.

The firm’s attorneys are highly skilled in helping maritime workers. We help them to seek full and fair financial compensation. We do so through federal maritime and admiralty law. Consequently, we routinely represent injured seamen and families of fatal maritime accident victims in Jones Act claims.

Stevenson & Murray is a highly focused accident and severe injury litigation practice. The attorneys at the firm leverage experience across many industries and areas of the law. We then provide comprehensive protection and determined advocacy for victims of personal injury and wrongful death.

Common Types of Vessel Accident Claims Among Maritime Workers

Whenever you must pursue legal recourse in response to a maritime work injury in Houston, TX, it is crucial that you have legal counsel experienced in handling cases like yours. The attorneys at Stevenson & Murray can provide the responsive and compassionate legal counsel you need to reach the best outcome in your recovery efforts. The firm has substantial experience handling complex severe and fatal injury claims. These involve commercial vessels of all types:

  • Tugs, tow boats and workboats
  • Certain oil rigs, including jackup and semisubmersible rigs, drilling boats and certain platforms that are not anchored in the continental shelf
  • Ferries, tour boats and commuter barges
  • Commercial barges and dredges
  • Factory boats and commercial fishing vessels
  • Cargo and container ships

Victims of severe maritime accident and injury are strongly encouraged to seek the legal counsel of an experienced attorney. Stevenson & Murray can offer you honest answers and practical legal guidance in a free, confidential consultation.

Most injuries that occur onboard vessels at sea will fall within the scope of the Jones Act, a federal maritime law that applies to maritime workers. Regardless of the state in which you live, if you work offshore, any work injury is likely to lead to a Jones Act claim rather than a standard workers’ compensation claim.

The Jones Act enables the victim to seek “maintenance and cure” from the party responsible for their maritime injury, usually their employer or the owner of the vessel on which they work. Many vessel accident injuries pose long-term or permanent complications, and navigating the legal proceedings that these incidents generate can be incredibly difficult. Our firm provides measured legal counsel in every case we accept, and we are prepared to answer all of your most challenging legal questions.

FAQs About Houston, TX Vessel Injury Laws

Who Is Liable for Vessel Injuries?

The party responsible for your recent vessel injury is liable for the resulting damages. However, it is possible for multiple parties to bear fault. For example, if your injury occurred because the vessel was unseaworthy, the vessel’s owner could be responsible for your damages. If the captain or crew fails to navigate correctly, they may hold liability. If you are unsure who should be the target of your vessel injury claim, it’s crucial to speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

How Much Compensation Can I Secure for a Vessel Accident?

The total potential value of any maritime injury claim depends on the scope of your economic damages and the severity of the long-term complications you will face because of the accident in question. It’s common for victims of vessel injuries to initially undervalue their claims, not realizing the full scope of their options for recovery until they have legal counsel advising them.

What Happens If I Cannot Resume Work Duties Because of a Vessel Accident Injury?

Some people who suffer vessel accident injuries will eventually recover and be able to return to work, but others are not so fortunate. If your claim falls within the purview of the Jones Act, you have the right to seek full compensation for any and all lost income you face because of the incident in question. This not only includes your lost earnings during the initial recovery but also lost future income if you are left unable to work at all. If you are able to manage alternative work, it’s possible to secure compensation for vocational retraining.

Is It Worth Hiring a Houston Vessel Accident Attorney?

The right legal team will have a tremendous positive impact on the outcome of your impending vessel accident claim. You can rely on Stevenson & Murray to provide ongoing support through every phase of your recovery efforts, and our goal is to maximize the total compensation you secure from your suit. Our contingency fee billing policy means that you will only part with a percentage of your final case award as our firm’s legal fee, but only if we win your case.

Would you like to discuss your case with a leading maritime accident and severe injury attorney? If so, then please call our Houston offices (713) 622-3223. You may also contact us by email for more information or to schedule a free case evaluation.


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