Getting to Know Your Attorney: Mark T. Murray

Posted on : September 28, 2021 Author: Stevenson & Murray

Finding the best attorney for your case is more than simply finding a skilled lawyer. This person will be representing your interests. This means you need to trust your attorney to make choices that will best serve you as his … Continue reading

Getting to Know Your Attorney: John Stevenson Jr.

Posted on : August 13, 2021 Author: stevenson-murray

To find the right attorney for your personal injury lawsuit, it takes more than simply finding someone with the skills to take on your case. You need a lawyer who you can trust to represent your legal needs. To establish … Continue reading

Can I Sue for Work Injuries After an Oilfield Accident?

Posted on : July 23, 2021 Author: Stevenson & Murray

When a worker suffers an injury after an oilfield accident, he or she has a right to seek financial compensation for their employees. In Texas, the majority of oilfield workers may get the money they need by filing a workers’ … Continue reading

Offshore Oil Injuries Deserve Compensation

Posted on : May 19, 2021 Author: Stevenson & Murray

Falls. Fires. Storms. Explosions. Critical machinery malfunctions. When your job shares many of the same characteristics as a science fiction action movie, life can be stressful. Working on an offshore oil rig is ranked as one of the top most … Continue reading

Common Examples of Maritime Accidents

Posted on : April 15, 2021 Author: Stevenson & Murray

If you work on a ship, vessel or dock in the Port of Houston, then it is important to maintain a high level of safety. However, when one works in the maritime industry, accidents are bound to happen. Accidents generally … Continue reading

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