Summer Calls for Extra Care with AC and Other Appliances

Tuesday was the first official day of summer, and that means air conditioners and large appliances are doing extra duty as the days get longer and the temperatures higher. But it also means a greater number of accidents and injuries due to electrocution, fires and faulty equipment. Here, a few tips to keep in mind as you attempt to keep cool and comfortable during the lazy months of summer:

  • Have electric-power equipment inspected and maintained regularly to keep appliances in safe working order. Many fires and property losses can be prevented with proper maintenance and use of equipment. Replace air filters regularly and according to instructions. Clogged filters can lead to fires or allow carbon monoxide to leak into your home or business.
  • Don’t be tempted to cut corners when it comes to equipment installation or repairs. Use only experienced, licensed professionals for installation and service of all AC and heating units and large appliances.
  • Don’t forget about carbon monoxide dangers. Have your home and business outfitted with carbon monoxide detectors, and test the devices regularly. Be especially mindful when using new or infrequently used equipment—such as power generators or portable cooling units— and follow all use and care instructions.
  • Inspect cords, plugs and outlets regularly for damage and potential problems. Repair or replace any frayed cords or damaged plugs, and make sure outlets are not overloaded or cords stored in a manner that might cause a fire hazard.

Of course, even when operating equipment safely and according to manufacturers’ instructions, incidents occur and people get injured, many times because of negligence or neglect on the part of the manufacturers or other responsible parties. Stevenson & Murray has handled numerous cases involving burns, electrocution and death caused by the use of defective fans, heaters or air conditions, or other commercial or home appliances. If you have questions about a similar case, contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

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