Onshore Oil Rig Drilling Accidents and Injuries – Know Your Legal Rights

When we think of oil rig drilling accidents and injuries, most of us naturally think of injuries and accidents occurring on offshore oil rig drilling; however, onshore oil rig drilling accidents and injuries are just as serious as many of the offshore oil right drilling accidents and injuries.  Onshore oil drilling accidents and injuries can also occur due to safety violations, worn equipment, neglect of hazardous situations, or just in the course of business and employment.  If you have been involved in an accident and/or sustained an injury as the result of an accident that occurred while working onshore oil drilling rigs, you need legal assistance in handling your case to ensure your rights are fully protected and you receive adequate treatment, as well as fair compensation for your injuries and any impairment that may result from the injuries.

The law involving onshore oil drilling accidents and injuries is complex.  Many companies may try to ignore the fact that accidents and injuries could have been avoided if they had proper safety warnings, worn equipment, etc.  The attorneys at Stevenson & Murray will take the time to determine the cause of your accident and injuries and ensure you are fully compensated for the injuries you sustained.

Onshore oil rig drilling accidents and injuries can consist of broken bones and fractures; head injuries; spinal cord injuries; back injuries; burns, etc. Injuries are not limited to one type or to one body part and may be serious enough to result in death, especially if adequate treatment is not provided.  The attorneys at Stevenson & Murray make every case a priority and will assist in locating the financial resources needed to pay for medical care, as well as compensation for all other losses, including lost wages and impairment resulting from an injury.

Contact us immediately by calling (866) 806-8543 if you have suffered an accident or injury while working on onshore oil rigs to discuss your case.  Do not attempt to handle your case without the legal assistance of the attorneys at Stevenson & Murray.

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