Seeking Compensation for Summertime Injuries

Summer is the time for sports and other outdoor activities, and it is also a good time to accomplish some needed tasks around the house. Unfortunately, summertime injuries that often accompany these activities may require both extensive medical attention and financial compensation. This is the time to consider legal intervention, the type available from the law firm of Stevenson & Murray. These are some common summertime injuries that could justify the filing of a personal injury claim:

Water-Related Injuries

Summer is synonymous with water sports, but these activities make water-related injuries a particularly serious threat during this time of year. Asphyxiation resulting from prolonged water immersion can be fatal or lead to permanent disabilities. Pool accidents may result from improper supervision or defective facilities. Boating accidents taking place on waterways or along the Gulf Coast can lead to asphyxiation and other injuries, including serious cuts and broken bones.

Vehicular Accidents

These are the months often reserved for traveling, but traffic accidents on highways can have far more serious consequences than those occurring on city streets. Broken bones, internal injuries, and whiplash are the common consequences of vehicular accidents. A collision with one of the large trucks that rumble along the roads and highways of Texas can be even more serious, leading to crushing injuries or even amputations.

Sports Injuries

Popular summertime team sports include baseball, soccer and, later in the season, football. Sprains, dislocations and knee injuries can be expected when participating in such sports, and some may be serious enough to require specialized medical care. Improper equipment can be a primary or contributing factor in some team sports injuries.

Household Injuries

The summer is a good time to paint, make repairs or engage in other household chores. It is also the time for outdoor barbecuing and backyard recreational activities. Related summertime injuries include burns, exposure to hazardous materials and fractures resulting from falls. Some of these accidents can be blamed on defective products or the careless acts of others.

The Importance of Legal Representation

A personal injury attorney will represent those who experience summertime injuries and help ensure that they receive the compensation that they need. This is why those who have been so victimized should consider seeking help from the law firm of Stevenson & Murray.

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