Offshore Oil Injuries Deserve Compensation

Falls. Fires. Storms. Explosions. Critical machinery malfunctions.

When your job shares many of the same characteristics as a science fiction action movie, life can be stressful. Working on an offshore oil rig is ranked as one of the top most dangerous jobs in America. Even the most careful workers are still at risk for injury, and when companies do not take care of injured employees it hurts much more than just that worker.

Injuries that happen offshore often require many days or weeks of recuperation. In the worst cases, permanent disabilities can develop rendering the worker unable to return to the rig and earn an income. In cases such as this, it becomes imperative that companies compensate the injured worker.

What if your company doesn’t help you when you are injured? Is there someone who can help?

When danger is in the details of the job description before you even apply, it is the company’s responsibility to ensure your safety, or at least your comfort in the event that you are injured. When your employer fails to provide the medical attention and monetary compensation that you deserve, you have to get help. Stevenson & Murray, attorneys at law, specialize in maritime law and personal injuries sustained by offshore drilling workers.

Get the medical care and financial stability that you need recover. To speak to one of Stevenson & Murray’s attentive associates, call (713) 622-3223 today.

You were injured helping your company succeed, make sure that they are there for you when you need them.

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