Lost at Sea: Tragedy in the Bahamas

The Carnival Elation cruise ship recently returned to Jacksonville, Florida. Tragically, the vessel was short one passenger after the heart-wrenching decision to suspend the search for Kevin Wellons of Warner Robins, Georgia.

The 24-year-old had fallen from the 11th floor of the cruise ship, going overboard 15 miles from Abco, Bahamas.

Words cannot express how terrible this is for Warren, his family and those who participated in the search. Someone going overboard is the worst nightmare of cruise ship passengers, crew and captains alike.

What Happens When Passengers Are Lost at Sea?

Time will tell if there are any legal ramifications from this incident. The investigation is ongoing.

However, there’s potential legal liability for cruise ship companies and other parties responsible for the safe travel of passengers and crew. For example, cruise ship workers injured as a result of slips and falls, defective equipment or negligent security can pursue claims for financial compensation.

Likewise, a passenger who goes overboard as a result of a defective safety rail, unmarked stairs, or other forms of negligence could pursue a personal injury claim for pain and suffering, medical expenses and other damages. In a tragic loss, a surviving family could pursue a wrongful death claim for similar compensation.

At Stevenson & Murray we hope a tragedy like this never occurs again, but this incident serves as a reminder that the seas are still dangerous for vacationers and workers. To discuss a personal injury or maritime accident claim with us, contact us today for a free consultation.

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