2024 How to Scare a Car Insurance Adjuster in Texas

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident in Texas, you can expect to hear from an insurance adjuster very soon. Dealing with the other driver’s insurance company can be challenging. Most insurance adjusters will do their utmost to strongarm you into following their script for how things should go in an attempt to settle with a lower claim than what you are owed.

To ensure that you come out ahead with what is fair, you may consider ways to scare the insurance adjuster or intimidate them back. The most effective way to cause intimidation with an insurance adjuster is to present yourself as a well-prepared and capable individual who already knows, understands, and will fight for their rights.

What Is the Job of an Insurance Adjuster?

To begin, it is helpful to fully understand the role of an insurance adjuster in the claims process. When you are involved in an auto accident with another driver, a representative from that driver’s insurance company will initiate an investigation into the details of the accident. By interviewing you and other potential witnesses, reviewing documentation, and looking for holes in any arguments made regarding fault or damages, they are working to do all they can to reduce the amount of compensation that the insurance company will have to pay out.

Know Your Rights

It is pivotal to understand this foundational truth: when you’ve suffered an injury, you are not at the mercy of insurance. Under Texas state law, you are entitled to certain rights that should be upheld by all parties. Read up on personal injury law, know what your individual rights are, and speak with a Texas personal injury attorney.

Most insurance adjusters assume naïveté when working with accident victims. Knowing what you should and shouldn’t do can protect you from being taken advantage of by experienced adjusters. With the help of an experienced lawyer fighting on your behalf, you can be secure knowing that you can ensure that your claim is taken seriously and that you are compensated fairly for all damages.

Come Prepared

No other tactic can as quickly and definitively communicate to an insurance adjuster that their normal tactics will not work than seeing that you have come well-prepared. By having your position well-defined, rehearsed, and supported with thorough documentation, you gain the opportunity to control the conversation and place yourself on equal or greater footing against the adjuster. To be effectively prepared:

  • Have all documents ready. By gathering all documentation ahead of time, you will eliminate delays in processing, strengthen all claims you make regarding injury, loss, and damages, and prevent the insurance adjuster from undermining or challenging any statements that you make. Keep all records related to the accident, including photos from the accident, photos of injuries, medical bills, auto repair quotes and costs, car rental receipts, tow receipts, and documentation showing missed work and lost income.
  • Be patient. Be ready to reject their first offer, as it will often be an intentionally low offer. Many insurance adjusters rely on accident victims feeling anxious to settle a claim as soon as possible, especially as income is lost and bills mount. By being patient and showing a willingness to wait until a fair offer will properly be made, you demonstrate a strong stance to wait for a fair offer.
  • Hire a personal injury attorney. Nothing else gets insurance adjusters off balance like discovering that you have an attorney reviewing your case and fighting on your behalf. Show them that you are resolute by securing a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Your injury lawyer can brief you on what to expect in the process, help you be prepared for any strategies that the adjuster may try to employ, and explain all the applicable laws related to your case, all while helping you collect appropriate records.


Q: What Should I Not Say to an Insurance Adjuster?

A: When speaking to an insurance adjuster, it is important that you do not make any statements that could settle a matter. For instance, never admit fault of any kind, discuss injuries, or go into any details of the accident. You are under no obligation to speak to them. Doing so could undercut your future opportunities for further settlement and just compensation. Finally, do not allow yourself to be recorded and definitely do not accept any offers or settlements.

Q: Do Insurance Companies Use Scare Tactics?

A: If you are the victim of an accident, the other driver’s insurance company will likely employ scare tactics in an attempt to coerce you into taking a smaller settlement. Particularly when you have sustained a serious injury, the insurance adjuster will often attempt to cause delays to your claim’s decision to put financial pressure on you to accept a low offer. They know that you will have mounting bills on top of lost work due to your injury.

Q: How Do I Get the Most Out of My Insurance Adjuster?

A: To get the most out of your insurance adjuster and maximize your settlement, you will need to be well-prepared and ready to negotiate. Make sure that you gather all evidence and supporting documentation, such as medical records and auto repair quotes. Decide in advance what your bottom-line offer is, and go into the conversation well-rehearsed. Be cautious of any offer provided to you, and make sure that you get it in writing so you can review the fine details.

Q: What Questions Should I Ask My Insurance Adjuster?

A: When you are speaking with an insurance adjuster, you are entitled to know details regarding what you can expect from the claim. For instance, you should ask at the start whether they will admit fault in the accident. Next, you should ask how much insurance coverage the other driver was carrying and whether the insurance will be covering your medical bills, auto repairs, missed work, rental car fees, and other incurred expenses.

Fight Back With a Personal Injury Attorney

Don’t let insurance adjusters lead the process of accident claims. Take back control by being prepared and showing that you will not accept less than you are owed. Speak with a Texas personal injury lawyer, like those at Stevenson & Murray, today. We can turn the intimidation tactics back on the adjusters and fight to ensure that your rights to fair compensation are upheld.

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