A deadly bus accident in Freeport, Texas killed one person and injured many others. All of the people on board worked for Zachry Group, which is a natural gas plant and construction company based in Texas. Authorities have identified the man who was killed.

The work bus was traveling down Highway 36 in Freeport when it lost control and flipped on its side.  Investigators are still determining the exact cause of the crash, but the driver of the bus told authorities that the bus started to fishtail at around 60 mph. He then lost control, rolled down an embankment, and landed in a ditch of water.

How Do Rollover Bus Crashes Occur?

  • Buses are more difficult to control than cars. Because of their size and weight, buses are a lot harder to control on the road. It is more difficult to regain control once it has been lost. If a bus driver is distracted, he or she can easily lose control of the vehicle.
  • Buses are larger and more powerful. The weight and size of a bus can result in a bigger impact during a crash, which will cause more serious injuries.
  • Bus drivers can get distracted. Just like truck drivers, some bus drivers need to travel for long hours to transport their passengers to their destinations. This can result in drivers working overtime and staying alert and not distracted can be a problem.
  • Bus drivers speed. Many bus accidents are caused by the driver speeding down a highway or local road and not having enough time to safely stop.
  • Bus might lack basic safety features or have safety features inaccessible to riders. Safety belts should always be used when riding a bus.

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