The Dangers of Talcum Powder

People have used talcum powder in various products for more than a century now. Its most well-known use is baby powder, but it is in other products as well. In its natural state, talc can contain asbestos, which is famous for causing cancer. The talc in modern products hasn’t contained asbestos for decades, however. Despite this, it recently has come to light that the product still poses significant safety risks.

In 2009 a woman filed the first lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson. The woman had developed ovarian cancer because of her regular use of its baby powder product. Since then more than 1,000 women have filed claims against the company. Juries are finding the company guilty of not warning women of the dangers of talcum powder.

In 2016, a woman named Jacqueline Fox died because of her use of various Johnson & Johnson products, and the company had to pay her family. Some of the evidence presented in the case suggested the company knew of dangers and chose to do nothing. The company is even trying to appeal the decision in an attempt to save its reputation.

Unfortunately, people are having a hard time proving that talcum powder causes cancer. A big problem is that is a cosmetic product and not a drug, so there isn’t a lot of detailed information or medical records available. Additionally, it is difficult to get accurate dosage information from the women. Still, there does appear to be a correlation and the World Health Organization lists talcum powder as a possible carcinogen.

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