The Dangers of a Cruise Ship Lifeboat

If you work or are involved in the maritime industry, you know there are many dangers and people are often injured even when it was avoidable. Recently, a cruise ship lifeboat accident occurred that highlights the dangers that seem very unlikely but should be a real concern.

In September, the ship crew on the Harmony of the Seas was practicing an “abandon ship drill” when a cruise ship lifeboat disconnected from its rigging. It fell more than 30 feet into the ocean, with crew-members onboard. Four were injured and one died. The media reported that two were being treated for life-threatening injuries.

This cruise ship lifeboat accident was the second one to occur in a three-month time span, and the second one that resulted in fatal injuries. Back in July, a crew-member aboard the Norwegian Breakaway died in a lifeboat accident, both are still under investigation. These examples are only a hint of the dangers associated with the maritime industry.

Cruise Ship Lifeboat Investigations

When you work around rigging or heavy equipment, there is always a risk of negligence, malfunction or inadequate safety protocols. When investigating lifeboat accidents, the investigators look to whether or not the lifeboats were secured and handled reasonably and properly. The drill process is also scrutinized.

Cruise Ship Lifeboat Accident Attorneys

If you work in the maritime industry aboard a cruise ship and have been injured, you are entitled to compensation. The Jones Act may apply in your situation which provides more rights and compensation than workers’ compensation. To discuss the circumstances of your injuries contact the cruise ship lifeboat accident attorneys at Stevenson & Murray.

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