Common Examples of Maritime Accidents

If you work on a ship, vessel or dock in the Port of Houston, then it is important to maintain a high level of safety. However, when one works in the maritime industry, accidents are bound to happen. Accidents generally occur because of negligent mistakes. The effects of these mistakes are often long-lasting and require months of investigation. Common examples of maritime accidents include:

  • Ship grounding. Ship grounding occurs when the bottom portion of the ship’s hull scrapes the ocean-bed. In less severe accidents, only the hull will be damaged. However, with more severe accidents, cargo loss and human injuries are often involved.
  • Crane mishaps. Crane operators can suffer from severe injuries or even death after an accident. The most common causes of crane accidents involve faulty wires, winches and negligence or worker inexperience.
  • Barge accidents. A barge is a flat-bottomed ship used for river and canal transport of heavy goods. The majority of barge accidents occur due to their limited movement on the water and problems with towing equipment.
  • Cargo hauling accidents. Maritime ships typically carry thousands of tons of cargo onboard. Cargo hauling workers often injure themselves when transporting this cargo onto the ship.
  • Accidents due to drug or substance abuse. If the person navigating the vessel is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, then the chance for an accident increases significantly. It is important to remain sober when working on a maritime vessel due to the dangerous nature of the job.
  • Offshore oil rig mishaps. The heavy machinery and complex processes involved with offshore oil rigs can lead to severe accidents when mismanaged. Many offshore oil rig accidents occur in the Gulf of Mexico and cause shipping delays in the Port of Houston.
  • Commercial fishing accidents. Commercial fishing is the activity of catching fish and other seafood for commercial profit, mostly from wild fisheries. Common causes of commercial fishing accidents include inexperienced fishermen and harsh weather conditions.

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