Can I Sue for Work Injuries After an Oilfield Accident?

When a worker suffers an injury after an oilfield accident, he or she has a right to seek financial compensation for their employees. In Texas, the majority of oilfield workers may get the money they need by filing a workers’ compensation claim. This will allow them to receive money for medical bills and a portion of their lost wages, without having to prove liability. However, these benefits often fall short of meeting the needs of an injured worker. Therefore, it is important that oilfield workers know their legal options and understand the process of filing a lawsuit.

What Are the Most Common Types of Oilfield Accidents?

Even though Texas laws require oil and gas companies to provide a safe workspace for oilfield workers, accidents still occur. With more than 170,600 people working in the oil and gas industry in Texas, workplace safety is more crucial than ever. Some of the most common types of oilfield accidents include:

Filing a Lawsuit for Injuries Suffered From an Oilfield Accident

If you fall victim to one of these oilfield accidents, then you need to know your legal rights. For example, if you collect workers’ compensation benefits after your accident from your employer, then you cannot also file a lawsuit against your employer. However, in Texas, there are some situations where filing a lawsuit is completely valid against a responsible contractor or third party.

For example, many employers in Texas do not carry workers’ compensation insurance. If this applies to your employer, then you can file a lawsuit to recover damages. When you do this, you must prove that your employer or another employee’s negligence caused your accident. If your own negligence exceeds 50%, then you cannot file a personal injury lawsuit against your employer.

Finally, you do have the right to sue a third party that is responsible for your oilfield accident, even if you collect workers’ compensation. Some of the third parties you may sue after an oilfield accident include:

  • Contractors and subcontractors
  • Landowners
  • Oil rig owners
  • Oil rig manufacturers
  • Trucking companies
  • Shipping companies

Due to the complexities surrounding oilfield accidents, it is important that you hire an attorney immediately. He or she will need to review the details surrounding your particular case. This will help him or her determine who may be to blame and who you should potentially sue for negligence.

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