Average Truck Accident Settlement in Texas [2024 Updated]

Commercial trucks can be imposing when going down highway roads. Their sheer size alone can generate catastrophic levels of damage. Unfortunately, accidents involving large trucks have become relatively common across the country. This is why it’s critical to understand what the average truck accident settlement in Texas is, should you or a loved one ever become involved in such a serious incident.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents have become somewhat common across the busy roads of Texas, largely due to the increased volume of traffic. However, the harsh reality is that many of these incidents are completely avoidable. In the majority of cases, there is some degree of negligence committed by at least one of the drivers involved that directly causes the collision. All it takes is for one moment or a singular act of negligence to cause an irreversible sequence of events.

Understanding the various common reasons why many truck accidents occur in the first place can only help drivers of all kinds become more aware as they traverse the state’s highways and busy roads. That way, they can hopefully avoid any potentially life-altering crashes while driving.

Here are some of the most common causes of truck accidents in Texas:

  • Distracted Driving: This has steadily become one of the leading causes of all kinds of automobile accidents across the country, and cases of distracted driving continue to rise each year. Examples include adjusting the GPS or music player in the truck, texting or using a cell phone, or simply being distracted by a pedestrian or something on the side of the road.
  • Speeding: Driving above the speed limit has consistently remained one of the leading causes of truck accidents in Texas and throughout the nation, particularly on highways. Higher driving speeds naturally reduce a driver’s reaction time to avoid accidents. Such high speeds also increase the potential for catastrophic damages.
  • Impaired Driving: Operating any kind of vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs has severe legal consequences and potentially lethal physical repercussions. Impaired driving significantly impacts a driver’s judgment, reaction time, and overall awareness behind the wheel of a truck.
  • Reckless Driving: A variety of aggressive driving behaviors can be classified as reckless driving. This often includes intentionally ignoring the state’s driving laws, disregarding traffic signs and signals, tailgating, and engaging in general carelessness behind the wheel. All of these actions can be considered reckless driving.
  • Drowsy Driving: Nodding off or completely falling asleep behind the wheel is classified as driving drowsy. Many times, truck drivers who have been driving for several consecutive hours or are experiencing certain levels of sleep deprivation can fall asleep or drive drowsy.

Of course, the above list only contains some of the more common causes of truck accidents, and each collision comes with its own unique set of circumstances that result in negligence while operating a vehicle. We urge all drivers to stay alert at all times, exercise extreme caution, be aware of their surroundings and the other vehicles on the road, and obey all traffic laws. Taking these steps can help you avoid any potentially disastrous collisions.

What Is the Average Settlement for Truck Accidents in Texas?

All personal injury cases have their own unique circumstances that will factor into determining the totality of damages that occurred and, thus, the overall settlement owed to the victim. Truck accident claims are no different. The overall severity of the injuries sustained by the victim, the total recovery time, and the level of negligence committed by the at-fault party are all going to weigh heavily in deciding the exact settlement amount.

Here are the average settlement amounts for both car accident and truck accident claims in Texas based on a moderate level of severity:

  • Car Accident: Approximately $23,000 on average
  • Commercial Truck Accident: Approximately $73,000 on average

The average settlement amounts listed above are based on car and commercial truck accidents with a moderate level of severity regarding the total injuries and damages sustained. For both accounts, minor injuries and damages can result in just a few thousand dollars in compensation, while severe cases can result in multiple millions of dollars in compensation.

It’s also worth noting that the above figures do not take into account damages for pain and suffering or emotional distress, which can be added on in civil claims. Consulting with an experienced truck accident lawyer is critical for ensuring that you can receive the full compensation you deserve for your injuries.


Q: How Much Should I Expect From a Car Accident Settlement in Texas?

A: As is the case for any personal injury claim, what you can expect from a car accident claim is going to vary widely, depending on a number of different factors. In some of the more minor cases, victims can receive just a few thousand dollars in compensation, while severe accidents can result in millions of dollars in damages. On average, the car accident settlement for claims in Texas is approximately $23,000.

Q: How Much Are Most Truck Accident Settlements?

A: Truck accident claims typically result in a greater amount of damages, given the size and destructive capabilities of commercial trucks. While there are still many different elements involved that will ultimately factor into calculating the exact amount for each particular case, the average truck accident settlement is approximately $73,000.

Q: What Is the Average Settlement for an 18-Wheeler Accident in Texas?

A: Just like with any personal injury or automobile accident case, the range of potential settlement amounts for 18-wheeler accidents can vary greatly, depending on the overall severity of the sustained injuries, recovery time, and level of negligence committed by the liable party. Most accident victims can receive settlements of anywhere from $70,000 to multiple millions of dollars to compensate for the damages.

Q: Do You Pay Taxes on Settlements From a Car Accident in Texas?

A: For personal injury claims, which include both car accident and truck accident cases, the settlement amount is typically not taxable. This includes both federal and state taxes in Texas. Since the purpose of the accident settlement is to compensate the victim for their sustained injuries and related medical expenses, they are considered nontaxable.

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