Average Motorcycle Accident Settlement in Texas [2024 Updated]

Most individuals who ride a motorcycle understand the potential risks they face when they take their bike out on the road. Motorcycles are inherently more dangerous than cars for quite obvious reasons. However, it does not mean that these riders aren’t entitled to the same rights as all the other drivers on the road. In addition to knowing the risks, it’s equally important to understand what an average motorcycle accident settlement in Texas looks like, should you ever experience a crash.

How Is a Motorcycle Accident Settlement Calculated?

In Texas, the average payout for a motorcycle accident claim is right around $200,000. Given the limited physical protections that motorcycles provide in comparison to cars, the average settlement amount is substantially higher than that of an average car accident. This is because the injuries sustained by a bike rider are typically far more severe than those of a driver or passenger in a car. The more severe the injuries, the greater the necessary medical expenses and the higher the settlement payout.

While it is helpful to have an accurate reference point of the average settlement value in a motorcycle accident claim, understanding exactly how the damages are calculated can provide you with even more clarity. There are many different factors that go into determining the total settlement amount for the corresponding damages sustained.

Here are some of the primary elements used to calculate the total financial value of a motorcycle accident settlement:

  • Severity of Injuries: Physical injuries directly sustained from a motorcycle or any automobile accident are typically categorized into three separate tiers of severity.
    • Tier 1: The first tier includes severe spinal cord, neck, and back injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and any permanent disfigurement or scarring. Tier 1 also includes accounts of wrongful death.
    • Tier 2: These include any severe or complex lacerations, broken or fractured bones, and most other injuries that require a type of surgical intervention.
    • Tier 3: This classifies more mild to moderate injuries, including sprains, strains, contusions, and other kinds of physical injuries that do not require surgical intervention.
  • Medical Expenses: These include all related medical expenses and treatments that were a direct result of the injuries sustained from the motorcycle accident, along with any ongoing or future medical treatments related to the incident.
  • Lost Income: Any lost earnings that were a direct result of the motorcycle accident are included in a settlement. The victim’s age, current income, and future earning potential are all taken into account when calculating the total amount of lost income.
  • Insurance: This includes the total extent of coverage provided under the insurance policy of the at-fault party.
  • Legal Expenses: All attorney fees, trial fees, and any other legal expenses that were accumulated by the victim as a result of the accident can be compensated.
  • Pain and Suffering: This refers to any non-physical injuries or emotional distress that were a direct result of the accident. This can include any mental and emotional trauma sustained by the victim from the accident.

Each of the elements detailed above is a factor in properly calculating the total amount of damages sustained and the amount of financial compensation the victim is owed. However, many of these factors can be difficult to quantify, especially pain & suffering. This is why it’s crucial that you consult with a trusted personal injury attorney with direct experience handling motorcycle accident cases. They can ensure that you receive the full amount of compensation that you deserve so that you can cover all your damages.

Texas at-Fault Accident Law

Personal injury accident laws vary state by state, so it’s important to understand exactly what your state’s fault laws are. Texas is an at-fault state for all types of auto accidents, which means that state law allows injured victims to hold the responsible party liable for the damages that they have caused.

This enables the victim to file a motorcycle accident claim against the liable party to recover the full extent of damages that the other party’s insurance provider may not cover. However, it’s also important to note that any involved individual who bears more than 50% of responsibility for the accident is not allowed to seek any damages or compensation.


Q: What Is the Average Payout for a Motorcycle Accident in Texas?

A: The average settlement payout for a motorcycle accident is about $200,000, which is substantially more than that of an average car accident in Texas. This is largely because the injuries sustained from a motorcycle accident are often far more severe than a typical car accident, thus requiring more compensation for medical expenses.

Q: What Is the Average Personal Injury Settlement in Texas?

A: It can be very difficult to calculate an appropriate average personal injury settlement amount, as there is such a wide range of severity of personal injuries that occur. The average personal injury settlement for a jury verdict in Texas is approximately $800,000. However, that figure is due to a handful of substantial outliers of settlements in the millions, and a more accurate figure to look at would be the median settlement amount, which comes out to about $12,000.

Q: How Long Does It Take to Recover From a Serious Motorcycle Accident?

A: Similar to injuries sustained from a car accident or other types of personal injury cases, recovery time from a serious motorcycle accident can vary widely, depending on the overall severity and complexity of the injuries. Some victims can recover in just a few weeks or months, while others can take years and never fully recover.

Q: What Is the Most Common Injury in a Motorcycle Accident?

A: The most common injury resulting from a motorcycle accident is road rash, which is a type of harsh skin abrasion that can happen when a rider falls off or is thrown from the bicycle and skids across the pavement. Road rash can range from minor abrasions to severe tissue damage. It can also cause potential infections or even nerve damage.

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