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Many people living in the Houston, TX, area work in industries that operate offshore on vessels and stationary platforms built over the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. While working offshore can be intriguing and lucrative, it is also hazardous. Not only does the sea inherently pose dangers, but the type of work typically performed offshore can be physically demanding and risky. If you or a loved one recently suffered injuries while working off the shore of the Houston, TX, area, you may need legal representation to help you recover your losses.

Legal Representation for Offshore Injury and Death Claims in Houston, TX

Maritime injuries, offshore oil platform injuries, and commercial vessel injuries can easily generate complex legal proceedings for the victim and their family. If you believe you have grounds for legal action after any type of injury or death of a family member offshore, it’s essential to find an attorney who has experience handling these challenging cases.

Stevenson & Murray has years of experience handling offshore injury and death claims on behalf of clients in the Houston, TX, area. We understand the legal challenges facing most individuals who experience these incidents and the difficulties they often have in securing compensation for their damages. A Houston offshore injury attorney can be a tremendous asset as you work toward securing compensation for your damages.

Why Should I Hire a Houston Offshore Injury Attorney?

If you are struggling in the aftermath of an offshore injury or have recently lost a loved one in a fatal offshore accident, you may be understandably hesitant at the thought of taking on legal fees in the face of the economic uncertainty you likely face. However, it’s vital to understand the importance of reliable legal representation when you must file any civil claim related to an offshore injury or death.

While any civil claim can be very challenging due to the complexity of the details involved, offshore injury and death cases are challenging due to the unique laws and statutes that apply to these cases. An entirely separate and distinct set of laws comes into play for offshore injuries and deaths, and it’s essential to have legal counsel you can trust when facing any type of offshore injury or death case. The right attorney can help you make sense of the laws pertaining to your claim and ultimately guide you to a much better outcome than you likely could have secured on your own.

Common Challenges in Offshore Injury and Death Cases

Most offshore injury and death claims filed in Houston, TX, are work-related. Working offshore is inherently risky, whether you work on an oil drilling platform, cargo ship, fishing vessel, or any other kind of seaworthy vehicle. When most people sustain injuries at work, they can file workers’ compensation claims to cover their medical expenses and lost income while they recover. Likewise, when a person dies from a work-related accident, their family may have grounds to seek death benefits through the workers’ compensation system. However, when it comes to offshore injuries, the Jones Act is likely to come into play.

The Jones Act is a piece of federal legislation that ensures the rights of workers who sustain injuries while working offshore. This law allows an injured maritime worker to seek “maintenance and cure” for any injury sustained while working at sea. This law also provides the right to file personal injury claims against negligent employers and third parties responsible for offshore injuries. When an offshore injury or death occurs due to problems with a vessel, the claimant may file a seaworthiness claim under the Jones Act.

The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act may also come into play for offshore injury and death claims. This act functions similarly to standard workers’ compensation and the terms of the Jones Act, providing a channel to compensation for injuries that occur while performing maritime job duties in a maritime work environment.

Ultimately, offshore injury and death claims are more complex than most other civil claims that unfold under Texas law. Therefore, if you believe you must file an offshore injury or death claim that applies to specific maritime laws, it is crucial to obtain legal counsel from a Houston offshore injury attorney who has solid experience handling these cases.

Personal Injury Vs. Wrongful Death

When one person sustains an injury due to the actions of another party, the victim has the right to file a personal injury claim to seek compensation for their damages. Likewise, when a victim dies due to the actions of another party, their surviving family members would have the right to pursue a wrongful death claim. While wrongful death claims share many similarities to personal injury claims, every claimant must understand a few key differences. First, while a personal injury claim seeks compensation for the victim’s damages, a wrongful death claim seeks compensation for the surviving family’s damages. Second, specific state-level laws apply to wrongful death claims, determining who may file these claims and the damages available when they are successful.

If you recently suffered an injury offshore, or if your loved one died in a fatal offshore accident, you could face an incredibly difficult series of legal proceedings as you work toward obtaining compensation for your losses. Therefore, it’s crucial to seek legal counsel from an attorney who has experience handling these complex cases and the unique maritime laws likely to come into play.

Stevenson & Murray understands the stress and frustration that can follow any offshore injury, fatal or otherwise. Our team has extensive experience representing Houston area clients in a wide range of maritime cases, including those that unfold according to the Jones Act and other federal maritime laws. If you are unsure how to approach your current offshore injury case in Houston, it’s essential to seek legal counsel from an attorney you can trust.

Contact Stevenson & Murray today to schedule a consultation with our team and learn more about the legal services we provide for offshore injury and death cases. A Houston offshore injury attorney is an essential asset in this difficult situation, and our team can provide the legal representation you need to navigate your case successfully.


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