Galveston Car Accident Lawyer

Galveston Car Accident Lawyer

Galveston Car Accident Attorney

Galveston Car Accident Lawyer

If you have been involved in a vehicle accident or car crash within the Galveston area and sustained physical or emotional injuries as a result of the accident, then you could be entitled to compensation for the incident. A Galveston car accident lawyer from Stevenson & Murray can work with you to evaluate your sustained damages and build a strong case backed by evidence. They can also take concrete legal steps to optimize your financial compensation.

Unfortunately, car accidents are not uncommon in Galveston, as Texans frequently operate their vehicles to exercise mobility and carry out tasks associated with their everyday lives. Some of these crashes are due to the neglect or wrongdoing of the driver. If you have been harmed in a car wreck because of the recklessness or neglectfulness of another driver, then it’s important to work with a personal injury lawyer who can protect your rights and achieve compensation for the damages done.

What to Do Right After a Texas Car Accident

Falling victim to a Texas car accident can be extremely difficult on both an emotional and physical level. However, you can take certain steps after a car accident occurs to protect yourself, minimize further damage, and begin building a strong compensation claims case.

Directly after the car accident occurs or after you realize that you are injured from the car accident, it’s important to ensure that you are physically safe. Remove yourself immediately from any situation that is escalating, such as a fight, or any imminent threats, such as an explosion or structural collapse. Check yourself for injuries. If you are seriously harmed, it’s important to immediately seek medical assistance.

In addition to ensuring that there is no immediate threat or risk of further physical harm, it’s critical to alert law enforcement and other authorities about the car accident. Once you do so, be sure to keep all reports that they generate, as they can be useful evidence later. If it is safe and possible to do so, take photographic and video evidence of the scene of the accident. You can also take any statements from witnesses and ask law enforcement to keep any particular physical evidence.

After all this, contact a personal injury lawyer to file a claim against the at-fault party for your car accident. Depending on your situation, you will either need to start your claim by negotiating with their insurance company or going straight to court to resolve the matter. Your lawyer can help ensure that you have submitted the proper paperwork and that you are meeting critical deadlines.

For personal injury claims after a car accident, time is of the essence. By getting in touch with a car accident lawyer from Stevenson & Murray as soon as possible, we can help you submit paperwork before critical deadlines. Our team can also ensure that all pertinent evidence for your case is collected, preserved, and properly presented to relevant parties in the case.

Car Accident Cases That Our Galveston-Based Car Accident Legal Team Can Support

Car accident case types can vary, depending on, among other factors:

  • The type and size of the vehicles involved in the collision
  • The location of the incident
  • The speed of the vehicles at the time of the collision

Our car accident personal injury team at Stevenson & Murray can assist you with multiple car accident cases, including: 

  • DUI-related accidents. These are accidents that result from a driver who was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Accidents within a construction zone or work zone. Such accidents may have higher associated penalties and fines.
  • Accidents occurring on a highway or freeway. These tend to result in a higher rate of fatalities.
  • Lyft, Uber, or other rideshare accidents. It can be difficult to determine which party should be liable for the actions of the at-fault driver after one of these accidents.
  • Head-on or rollover accidents. These tend to result in high amounts of damage and even death.

If you have been in a car crash and you or your loved one sustained injuries as a result, then it’s important to start working with a car accident attorney as soon as possible. If you are not properly represented when speaking with the at-fault driver’s insurance company or lawyer, then you could be taken advantage of and end up settling for an amount that is less than what you deserve.

A car accident lawyer from Stevenson & Murray can ensure that you are properly represented through all the steps of the compensation claim process, both in and out of court.

What Damages Can Be Covered in Texas Car Accident Settlements?

If you or a loved one has been a victim of a car accident in Galveston, TX, then you are likely wondering what compensation you might be entitled to. Compensation can include both economic and non-economic compensation. Economic compensation includes damages that can be directly valued, such as:

  • Medical expenses. These can include expenses for surgeries, ambulances, hospital bills, medication, and clinic visits.
  • Lost wages. These can be proven by using your last paycheck and benefits statements.
  • Property damage. This can be valued by taking into account the approximate value of the vehicle or infrastructure, such as a building or traffic light, at the time of the collision.

In addition to receiving compensation for economic damages, car accident victims are entitled to file compensation claims for non-economic damages. Examples of non-economic compensation include:

  • Emotional suffering, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from the accident or grief due to the loss of a loved one in an accident
  • Physical pain, which can be the result of nerve-related injuries sustained during the accident that lead to chronic pain
  • Lost earning capacity, which is the loss of the ability to make the same income or salary as before the accident

A car accident lawyer from Stevenson & Murray can analyze the details of your car accident case to determine the full extent of the damages, both economic and non-economic, that were sustained. They can then help you collect evidence and build a strong case to work toward a car accident settlement that adequately covers all damages.

Galveston Personal Injury FAQs

Q: How Much Do Personal Injury Lawyers Earn From a Texas Car Accident Settlement?

A: The amount that a Texas car accident lawyer will earn from a settlement is dependent on their contingency fee. Depending on the lawyer’s experience and location, along with the factors associated with the case, they might charge a higher or lower rate. However, the contingency fee for a Texas car accident typically falls within 30 and 40 percent of the car accident settlement.

Q: If I Had a Minor Texas Car Accident, Should I Hire an Attorney?

A: If you sustained only minor injuries from your car accident, and there was no serious property damage, then it is likely not necessary to hire a car accident lawyer to represent your case. You can work directly with your insurance company and the insurance company of the other driver to settle the claims in the case. If you are unsure about whether your case needs legal representation, you can schedule a consultation with a Galveston car accident lawyer.

Q: How Much Can I Sue for After My Texas Car Accident?

A: There are no state limits to the amount of money that you can sue for in a car accident personal injury case. Texas does not put a limit on non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, or economic damages, such as property damage value and hospital bills. To determine the proper amount of compensation to ask for based on your damages, it’s important to consult with an experienced Texas car accident lawyer.

Q: What Happens If I Am Sued After a Texas Car Accident?

A: If you are found to be at fault for a car accident that results in the harm, injury, or death of other individuals, then you can be sued in a Texas personal injury case. Typically, your insurance will cover liability for the damages that you are sued for, and they can either negotiate the settlement amount or it will be decided by a third party in court. If the settlement amount is more than the amount that insurance can cover, then you will face personal liability, which means that you will need to settle the account from your own finances.

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones After a Galveston Car Accident

Galveston car accidents can leave lasting trauma throughout your life, long after the actual collision occurs. The injuries that you or a loved one sustained can impact your ability to move, work, and carry out daily activities. There is a chance that the “normalcy” you had in your life before the accident occurred may not return.

Therefore, if you or a loved one were injured in a Galveston car accident, an experienced car accident lawyer from Stevenson & Murray can help you work toward getting the comprehensive compensation that you deserve. Not only can we work to cover existing damages, but our team has the foresight to anticipate the value of future losses due to the accident. Schedule a consultation with a compassionate lawyer from our firm today.


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