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Being injured is a stressful time in a person’s life, regardless of the cause. Depending on the severity of the injury, you are likely dealing with medical bills, lost wages due to not being able to work and/or trying to find consistent help with child care as your mobility has been impaired — among other stressors. If that injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, then being injured can be even more frustrating. Now you have a mounting pile of medical bills that you did not have before — all because someone decided to check their phone, change the song, became distracted or otherwise make a negligent decision. While infuriating, take heart in knowing that you have legal rights in order to seek full compensation for your damages. 

The Houston personal injury attorneys of Stevenson & Murray are seasoned litigators and advocates for personal injury victims. We consider serious personal injury cases but specialize in cases involving wrongful death, maritime and admiralty law, trucking accidents, large commercial fires, talc claims, and commercial and industrial accidents. From the moment we prepare a claim, through trial to the last appeal, we are passionately committed to making a life-changing difference for each and every client we represent.

What Are Some of the Most Common Personal Injury Cases?

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), there were “30.8 million emergency department visits for unintentional injuries” in 2015 alone; more than 146,000 of those people suffered a wrongful death. The reasons for these deaths are many and varied. However, the one fact that remains true across all cases is that if a person was wrongfully injured as a result of such an accident, he or she may have the right to pursue legal action. 

The following are some of the most common cases that we have litigated involving personal injury:

Car Crashes — Accidents involving motor vehicles are one of the most commonly reported instances of personal injury. According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, “Over 37,000 people die in road crashes each year,” while “an additional 2.35 million are injured and disabled.” The most commonly reported cause of car accidents is driver negligence. Driver negligence can be attributed to many things including texting or talking while driving or changing the radio station.

Trucking Accidents — Did you know that the average semi-truck weighs roughly 80,000 pounds (40 tons)? This reason alone makes them some of the most dangerous — and deadly — motor vehicles on the road. These types of accidents usually occur due to the negligence of a trucking company, truck driver error, improperly loaded cargo and other similar forms of negligence resulting in injury.

Motorcycle Accidents — Motorcyclists are more exposed to danger than passenger car occupants. They have less safety equipment and accident deterrents available to them. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are often victims in accidents due to the negligence of other drivers. It is important for all drivers to always pay close attention to their surroundings, put away distractions and remember to share the road in order to prevent motorcycle accidents.

Defective Fan, Heaters & Air Conditioners — A company is responsible for going through all the proper procedures when releasing a product. When that product turns out to be defective — due to inefficient testing or poor manufacturing, for example — and causes someone an injury, then the manufacturers of the defective product can be held liable in a personal injury claim. Consumers have a right to be warned of dangers known to the manufacturer.

Helicopter & Airplane Accidents — When you step onto an aircraft, you are trusting that all proper routine maintenance has been performed on the aircraft. You are further trusting that the pilot is experienced and will make informed decisions with everyone’s safety in mind. For example, if there is looming inclement weather that could pose an issue, you are trusting that pilot to make the best decision regarding whether to travel or not. If an accident occurs due to pilot error or a malfunction, then you or your family members (in the event of wrongful death) have the right to pursue legal action. 

Land-Based Rigs — All types of people work in the oil industry. Those who work in these environments are already exposed to potentially risky situations on a daily basis. If you have been injured due to another worker’s error or another company’s negligent business practices while at work, then you deserve rightful compensation.

Wrongful Death  In the most tragic of circumstances, a person is so grievously injured in an accident that they suffer a wrongful death. If the accident was the result of an individual or company’s negligence, then the surviving family members have the right to pursue a wrongful death claim in order to seek recovery for damages caused by a loved one’s passing.

The experienced Houston personal injury attorneys at our firm all have the knowledge and background to successfully litigate your personal injury case. Regardless of the circumstances, we believe that everyone deserves a fair chance to pursue their case. We will fight for your rights to receive full compensation for your personal injury.

Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

If you have been injured because someone else was negligent,  then it is highly recommended that you seek professional legal representation. Filing a personal injury claim is difficult and involved. Negotiations with insurance companies can be frustrating. Adjusters working for these companies have the sole job of protecting the company. Therefore, it is their job to ensure that the company pays out as little money as possible to claimants. 

The initial offer you receive from the insurance company will most likely be insultingly low or inadequate — nowhere near enough to compensate for the extensive damages and any continuing medical treatment you may need. 

An experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to take over these stressful negotiations with insurance companies, ensuring that you receive a number closer to what you deserve while protecting your rights. No matter how simple or complex your case, any one of the Houston personal injury attorneys from Stevenson & Murray is available to assist.

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Whether you are just starting or have yet to start your personal injury claim, one of our local Houston personal injury attorneys can help you with the process. All of them have extensive litigation experience regarding many types of personal injury cases. They know what it takes to win clients a favorable outcome. We have a history of successfully litigating personal injury cases, resulting in our clients seeing millions of dollars in restitution

At our Texas personal injury firm, we believe that the client is important. For this reason, we work with a team of trusted experts as well as other attorneys in order to ensure that we build the best and strongest case for each client. If you are thinking about pursuing legal action regarding a personal injury, then contact our office today to schedule a free consultation. During this meeting, you will be able to meet with a personal injury attorney to discuss all the details of your case and receive sound legal counsel as to what steps to take next. Call us today to see how we can help you.