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Maritime Accidents in Florida

Are you a sailor, longshoreman, offshore worker or drilling platform employee? If so, then you understand the risks associated with your line of work. You realize accidents are common. Thus, you do your best to avoid hazardous situations. Unfortunately, you can’t protect yourself from every potential danger, and serious maritime accidents can occur.

At the Houston law firm of Stevenson & Murray, we represent maritime accident victims throughout the United States. This includes both the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of Florida. By focusing the majority of our practice on maritime and admiralty law, we developed a comprehensive understanding of the issues that are unique to these types of cases.

Were you or a loved one injured in a maritime accident? If so, then do not hesitate to contact us. We are fully prepared to help you seek maximum compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and more. We offer a free initial consultation with a leading maritime and admiralty law attorney. Se habla español.

Legal Help for Victims of Florida Maritime Accidents

The majority of the maritime accident/Jones Act cases we handle involve injured seamen, longshoremen, and employees of major multinational corporations, commercial transportation conglomerates and petrochemical companies. However, the waters surrounding the state of Florida often present additional, potential maritime accident plaintiffs.

Florida is home to several ports of call for various cruise lines. Although cruise lines are careful to prevent injury, unsuspecting passengers may still fall victim to a maritime injury while attempting to enjoy their vacation. You must file many of these accident claims in Florida.

Backed by years of nationwide maritime accident experience, we can assist you with your claim, regardless of where your injury occurred or where you live. Rest assured our firm is fully prepared to help you build a strong case designed to secure maximum financial recovery.

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