Injured After a Maritime Accident: Texas & Worldwide

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Maritime Accidents Texas & Worldwide

From the North Sea drilling platforms to the channels and bayous of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and throughout the Gulf of Mexico, injured maritime workers worldwide turn to the accident and injury attorneys of Stevenson & Murray. The law firm offers practical legal guidance and experienced legal representation in a full range of maritime accident cases, including:

The firm represents maritime accident victims and injured seamen working on the East Coast of the United States, the Gulf of Mexico and in oil fields and ports in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Mexico, Azerbaijan and Singapore. Our clients primarily work in or for the petrochemical industry. However, we have substantial experience in maritime accident cases involving international shipping and dredging work. Additionally, we also represent commercial fishermen injured on the job.

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Do you make a living on the water and then suffered a serious or catastrophic injury on the job? If so, then the capable attorneys at the Houston, Texas, law firm of Stevenson & Murray can offer you the legal help you need to obtain real financial recovery.

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