Questions About Your Rights After Maritime Exposure and Illness?

Our Attorneys Can Help with Leukemia, Lung Cancer and Other Illness Caused by Chemical Exposure


Many career maritime workers have been unknowingly exposed to potentially toxic and carcinogenic substances during the course of their jobs. Long-term exposure to industrial solvents, diesel fumes and byproducts of oil and gas production can cause serious, life-threatening and fatal illness.

Were you diagnosed with leukemia, mesothelioma, asbestosis or another chronic, progressive illness? Do you suspect that maritime workplace exposure may be the cause? If so, then the Texas law firm of Stevenson & Murray can provide you with honest answers, straightforward legal guidance and support in a free consultation. Contact our offices today to speak with an experienced maritime accident, injury and illness attorney.

Experience and Resources That Makes a Difference

The law firm combines years of experience in the litigation of personal injury and wrongful death claims. Furthermore, we have a thorough understanding of maritime and admiralty law. Our attorneys have a proven record of success. In fact, we obtain multimillion-dollar settlements and judgments for our injured clients and families of fatal accident victims.

We apply this experience and dedication to producing results. Our cases involve serious, life-threatening illness caused by maritime workplace exposure to substances like benzene, asbestos, diesel fuel, cleaning agents, acids, pesticides and other harmful substances.

A thorough investigation by a team of capable attorneys, knowledgeable investigators and leading independent experts will almost certainly be necessary. We must uncover evidence to prove that chemical exposure caused your illness. The firm has substantial resources at its disposal. Thus, we are willing to invest as necessary to build a strong case for our clients’ recovery.

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