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New York and Boston Maritime Accident Lawyer

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The harbors and ports of New York City and Boston are among the busiest on the Eastern Seaboard. Ships from all over the world are in constant motion, loading and unloading cargo onto heavily trafficked docks. Unfortunately, with this large number of ships and workers comes a dramatic increase in the number of serious maritime accidents.

At the Houston law firm of Stevenson & Murray, we represent maritime accident victims throughout the United States, including the Atlantic Coastline. We have extensive experience handling both maritime accidents and Jones Act cases and have earned a reputation for providing strong representation designed to produce results. Victims of New York and Boston maritime accidents can rely on the Stevenson & Murray team to provide the robust legal defense they need in these challenging cases. In addition, our firm is experienced in handling maritime injury claims for clients all across the country as well as clients who work internationally.

If you or a loved one has fallen victim to a maritime accident in the New York or Boston area, do not hesitate to contact our offices. We offer a free initial consultation with a leading maritime injury attorney. Se habla español.

What Does the Jones Act Cover?

Many of our clients are uncertain if their injuries fall into a category covered by the Jones Act. In general, the Jones Act covers crewmen who are injured or die through the negligence of their employers aboard vessels in navigable waters at sea or rivers, lakes, bays, bayous, sounds, or any other waterway. Damages for lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost earning capacity may be recovered. We provide dedicated advocacy to injured crewmen seeking recovery under the Jones Act.

At Stevenson & Murray, we also handle claims against third parties other than the employer for those who may be covered under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA). While many employees injured aboard a vessel—the captain, first mate, deckhands, engineers, wipers, and even cooks and housekeepers—may have a claim under the Jones Act, others like longshoremen and offshore workers may need experienced legal help to find other sources of compensation and benefits, such as LHWCA claims for qualified maritime workers or state workers’ compensation benefits.

Ultimately, any New York or Boston maritime injury claim is likely to draw upon one or more complex maritime laws. Navigating the legal proceedings you face after experiencing any kind of maritime injury can be incredibly daunting, but the right legal representation on your side allows you to approach the situation with confidence. The attorneys at Stevenson & Murray take a client-focused approach to every maritime injury case we accept. While based in Texas, we can represent injured maritime workers all over the country, including those who work for New York and Boston maritime organizations.

Understanding Maintenance and Cure

Most Jones Act claimants seek “maintenance and cure” with their cases. This term refers to the compensation they require to recover from their maritime injuries. Maintenance is the level of living expense compensation they require. Since a shipowner or captain is required to provide room and board to maritime workers, they are also responsible for their workers’ living expenses when they are injured on the job and cannot work. Therefore, it’s possible for a New York or Boston maritime worker to qualify to claim compensation for rent, mortgage payments, utilities, grocery costs, and other bills they cannot pay due to their inability to work.

Cure pertains to the medical treatment the victim requires to fully heal from their injury. Under the Jones Act and other maritime laws, most injured maritime workers are eligible to receive compensation for their immediate medical expenses following an accident at sea, as well as ongoing rehabilitation costs for any ongoing treatment their injuries require.

When you choose Stevenson & Murray to represent your injury claim in New York or Boston, we will determine which maritime laws apply to your case and help you understand the recovery options available to you. We are not afraid to confront large corporations and insurance companies on behalf of our clients and will do everything possible to ensure maximum client recovery in every case we accept.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

If you were injured while working in New York or Boston and you do not qualify to file any type of maritime accident claim, your state’s workers’ compensation laws are likely to apply to your case. This is because New York and Massachusetts both uphold state-level workers’ compensation laws, and employers required to carry workers’ compensation insurance must fulfill their obligations to injured workers under these laws.

The attorneys at Stevenson & Murray specialize in maritime work injury claims for clients throughout the US and the world, but we also have experience helping clients navigate the often complex state-level workers’ compensation process. A successful workers’ compensation claim can yield full coverage of the injured worker’s medical expenses and a portion of their lost income until they are able to return to work. In addition, while workers’ compensation benefits generally come at the cost of losing the ability to file a civil suit against an employer, there are exceptions to this, and an injured New York or Boston maritime worker could have grounds for further legal recourse beyond their workers’ compensation claim.

FAQs About New York and Boston Maritime Accident Laws

How Do I Win My Maritime Work Personal Injury Case?

To succeed with any maritime injury claim filed under the Jones Act or any other piece of maritime law, you must prove that your employer is directly responsible for the injury you suffered. This may entail proving their vessel was not seaworthy, that they failed to enforce applicable safety regulations, or that your injury occurred because of some intentional misconduct. Again, your New York and Boston maritime injury attorney will be invaluable for proving liability for the injury you suffered.

How Much Compensation Can I Recover for a New York or Boston Maritime Injury?

The total compensation you could potentially secure from your legal efforts hinges on the severity of the injury you sustained. Generally, injured maritime workers can expect full coverage of their medical expenses and maintenance payments that help them manage basic living expenses until they are able to return to work. However, some claimants will qualify for more expansive recoveries, and your attorney will advise you as to what you can expect for your case.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a New York and Boston Maritime Accident Attorney?

It’s understandable for any injured maritime worker to worry about the potential cost of legal representation. When you have Stevenson & Murray represent your maritime injury case, our firm uses the contingency fee billing system for most of these types of cases. This means our client does not pay any upfront or ongoing legal fees, and they only pay a fee if we win their case. A contingency fee is a percentage of the client’s final recovery, so there is no financial risk to them by hiring our firm.

Can I File a Jones Act Claim If I Was Injured Shoreside?

Many New York and Boston maritime workers spend time working on land as well as at sea. When it comes to eligibility to file a Jones Act claim or any other type of maritime injury case, the injured worker needs to prove how much of their work time is spent at sea. Your New York and Boston maritime accident attorney can help you determine which maritime laws apply to your case. If you qualify for state-level workers’ compensation benefits, the team at Stevenson & Murray can help you maximize your recovery.

How Long Does It Take to Obtain Maintenance and Cure for a Maritime Injury?

Any New York or Boston maritime worker claiming maintenance and cure understandably wants their compensation as soon as possible. However, if you want to streamline your recovery process, it’s best to have an experienced attorney represent you through your claim proceedings. It should only take a few weeks of settlement negotiations to reach a mutually agreeable resolution with an employer, but should your case require litigation, you will need experienced legal counsel to guide you through these difficult proceedings.

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