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Sailors Injured Shoreside

Lawyers for Maritime Workers Injured on Shore


Many crewman injuries occur while working on docks and wharves. If the injured crewman is acting within the scope of his or her employment at the time of the accident, there may be legal options for pursuing full and fair compensation and maintenance and cure.

The federal Jones Act covers injured seamen even when the accident or negligent injury occurs ashore, as long as the injury is a result of the employer’s negligence. The Jones Act also covers crewmen who suffered injury due to negligent safety precautions while working aboard another vessel at their employer’s direction. Seamen who are injured on a third party’s vessel or premises may also bring an action against the owner(s) of the vessel or property.

Many maritime workers do not realize their legal rights to seek compensation for negligent injuries extends to accidents onshore or on another vessel. To learn more about maritime and admiralty law, the Jones Act and longshoreman accident law, and how these laws may apply to your accidental injury or the wrongful death of a family member, please contact the Houston, Texas, law firm of Stevenson & Murray today. Your consultation will be free and strictly confidential.

Experience in Serious Shoreside Injury Cases

The capable attorneys of Stevenson & Murray have a proven record of success in obtaining real financial recovery for victims of serious and catastrophic shoreside injury, including the following:

  • Brain and head injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Amputation
  • Crushing injuries caused by falling cargo, equipment or debris
  • Badly broken bones and permanently damaged joints
  • Drowning, suffocation, strangulation and other fatal accidents

The firm’s goal is to help our clients obtain the maximum financial recovery available under the law. If you need knowledgeable legal guidance and dedicated, highly experienced representation in a serious or fatal shoreside accident and injury, please call our offices 713.597.3836 or contact us by email today. We serve maritime accident and injury victims worldwide.

For Accident Victims

Stevenson & Murray is industry renowned for remarkable successes and deep expertise handling complex and sophisticated accident and personal injury cases. From the moment we open a claim through trial and to the last appeal, we are passionately committed to making a life-changing difference for each and every client we represent.

The lawyers of Stevenson & Murray are seasoned litigators and advocates for personal injury victims. We consider all personal injury cases but specialize in cases involving wrongful death, maritime and admiralty law, trucking accidents, large commercial fires, talc claims, and commercial and industrial accidents.

Have you been hurt in an accident? Contact our offices in Houston today to discuss your rights and legal options in a free consultation with a leading personal injury and wrongful death trial attorney.

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For Lawyers

It is an honor and a privilege to work side by side with some of the best in our industry. Stevenson & Murray welcomes the opportunity to work with other law firms. We have a long and proud tradition of partnering with co-counsel to strengthen a client’s case. Decades of experience in our practice specialties and an exceptional record of achievement both in and out of the courtroom position us well to support the case needs of associating firms.

Our reputation as a leading personal injury firm and our uncommon litigation skill provide key advantages to our partners and their clients. Whether you are looking to add depth or breadth of experience to a case, expand jurisdiction or geographical coverage, provide additional resources to investigate or try a case, or leverage our relationships with top experts in numerous industries where we excel, we help co-counsel secure top verdicts and settlements.

Stevenson & Murray is a leading choice for clients and lawyers alike. Our referral business is a source of great pride for our entire team, and we constantly strive to earn and maintain the highest level of respect from our colleagues.


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