Suspect Trucking Company Negligence Caused Your Accident?

Houston Attorneys Holding Commercial Trucking Companies Accountable for Injuries and Loss of Life


Commercial trucking companies are required under federal law to comply with a strict set of safety regulations governing everything from vehicle maintenance to truck driver training. When trucking companies fail to do so, they may be held liable to pay for the accidental injuries and wrongful deaths that result.

In some cases, trucking companies may bear responsibility for negligent hiring practices and mistakes on the part of the truck drivers they employ. An experienced attorney at Stevenson & Murray can help you evaluate all your options for seeking maximum recovery after a serious trucking accident caused by an overworked truck driver suffering fatigue due to too many hours behind the wheel or who was speeding to meet a deadline.

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Immediate Investigation May Be Required to Prove Trucking Company Negligence

Many commercial trucking companies employ teams of attorneys and investigators with one purpose: to respond immediately to any serious or fatal accident involving one of the company’s vehicles. Their purpose is to take control of the scene and to quickly take legal steps to limit the trucking company’s exposure in any resulting insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit.

The insurance company will almost certainly send its own team of accident investigators to the scene. Their goal is also to limit the ability of victims of trucking company negligence to recover maximum financial compensation.

Stevenson & Murray can respond quickly in cases of trucking company negligence that results in serious or catastrophic injury or loss of life. We represent trucking accident victims in Texas and nationwide. Our aim is to preserve crucial evidence and ensure that our clients’ rights are thoroughly protected.

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