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Motorcycle Accidents

If you ride a motorcycle or know someone who rides a motorcycle, you know riding on the street or open highway can be a dangerous proposition.


There are very few “minor” motorcycle accidents. Motorcyclists enjoy the journey and being on the open road. Unfortunately, many motorists fail to appreciate or see motorcyclists on the road and the effects can be devastating.

We represent motorcycle riders and their passengers. We understand motorcycles operate differently from cars and trucks, which often make maneuvers leading into the path of motorcyclists. We have represented motorcycle riders who have sustained serious and debilitating injuries due to the negligence of other drivers.

Without exception, visibility, speed, position and actions all become relevant. Recently, we represented an individual who was operating his motorcycle when a commercial van turned directly into his path, leaving him no time to take evasive action. It took almost two hours to extract the motorcyclist from beneath the van and he miraculously survived. After a long hospital stay, multiple surgeries and significant physical therapy, our client was able to return to work, although at a reduced capacity.

Motorcyclists deserve to be treated fairly.

They deserve to occupy their lane of traffic, to travel safely in that lane and to be safe from motorists who fail to keep a proper lookout.

In another case, our motorcycle rider was riding on the roadway when a flatbed 18-wheeler crossed two lanes of traffic, stopping in the dark. By the time the motorcyclist identified the impending issue, it was too late. Fortunately, he survived and recovered from his devastating injuries.

We bring to our investigation an evaluation of the circumstances, using experts to assist in reconstructing the incident, if necessary. We appreciate the freedom of drive of motorcyclists and defend their rights to safely occupy a lane of traffic. Motorcyclists face a variety of issues including 18 wheelers, roadway construction, inattentive drivers, and a host of other hazards that drivers must identify and respond to in a timely fashion.

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If you or someone close to you has been involved in a motorcycle accident, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free evaluation and consultation. It is imperative that you know your rights under the law. Texas law provides that the injured individual has a right to recover certain elements of damages, include medical bills in the past and future, disfigurement, physical impairment, loss of wages in the past and future, pain and suffering and mental anguish. Please allow us the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your circumstances.

For Accident Victims

Stevenson & Murray is industry renowned for remarkable successes and deep expertise handling complex and sophisticated accident and personal injury cases. From the moment we open a claim through trial and to the last appeal, we are passionately committed to making a life-changing difference for each and every client we represent.

The lawyers of Stevenson & Murray are seasoned litigators and advocates for personal injury victims. We consider all personal injury cases but specialize in cases involving wrongful death, maritime and admiralty law, trucking accidents, large commercial fires, talc claims, and commercial and industrial accidents.

Have you been hurt in an accident? Contact our offices in Houston today to discuss your rights and legal options in a free consultation with a leading personal injury and wrongful death trial attorney.

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For Lawyers

It is an honor and a privilege to work side by side with some of the best in our industry. Stevenson & Murray welcomes the opportunity to work with other law firms. We have a long and proud tradition of partnering with co-counsel to strengthen a client’s case. Decades of experience in our practice specialties and an exceptional record of achievement both in and out of the courtroom position us well to support the case needs of associating firms.

Our reputation as a leading personal injury firm and our uncommon litigation skill provide key advantages to our partners and their clients. Whether you are looking to add depth or breadth of experience to a case, expand jurisdiction or geographical coverage, provide additional resources to investigate or try a case, or leverage our relationships with top experts in numerous industries where we excel, we help co-counsel secure top verdicts and settlements.

Stevenson & Murray is a leading choice for clients and lawyers alike. Our referral business is a source of great pride for our entire team, and we constantly strive to earn and maintain the highest level of respect from our colleagues.


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