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How Can I Sustain an Amputation Injury as a Maritime Employee?

Being a maritime worker can be a risky and dangerous job, not only because of the dangers involved with the job itself, but also the chance of unseaworthiness and negligence that can occur. One of the most serious injuries that can occur is an amputation. Losing a limb can be a devastating injury, and no one should have to experience that at their place of employment. If you work in the maritime industry, then you may be able to recover compensation for an amputation injury.

How Can I Lose a Limb as a Maritime Employee?

Amputation injuries may be caused by:

  • Negligence, especially while aboard a vessel. For example, machinery and equipment can malfunction because of someone’s lack of care, or if it is operating without careful attendance.
  • Machinery: Certain tools and machines aboard a ship should always be regularly maintained so it is always working correctly, and employers should always be checking for damaged or failing parts. You should also receive the proper safety training from your employer. If an employer fails to equip you with the correct knowledge to have avoided the accident, then you may be able to file a lawsuit. You could also prove negligence against the company who manufactured the faulty equipment that caused your loss of limb.

Treating and recovering from an amputation is not easy. Intensive surgery is required, as well as a prosthetic, occupational therapy, and mental health assistance. All of these costs will add up fast, but thankfully you have several ways to recover for these damages under maritime law. If you have suffered a loss of limb due to your maritime employment, then you should contact our maritime attorneys immediately. We could try to help you get all of the compensation you deserve from someone’s negligence.

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