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How Can Your Hair Help to Clean Oil Spills?

The most common method of cleaning up oil spills is to use toxic chemicals and synthetic materials. However, there is now another natural and more environmentally friendly option: human hair. Your hair has specific natural properties that can actually help clean oil spills in rivers, lakes and oceans using only a few materials. How Is … Continue reading

What Is the Process of Filing an Unseaworthiness Claim in Texas?

A very common term in the world of maritime law is “unseaworthiness.” Under maritime law, a seaworthy ship is a ship whose crew, equipment and hull are reasonably satisfactory in factors such as design and maintenance. In other words, a seaworthy vessel is able to perform its intended duties in its operation. On the other … Continue reading

How Can I Protect My Home From a Fuel Oil Spill?

Throughout the state of Texas, there are a number of oil fuel stations and discharge locations associated with the possession and delivery of fuel. Problems can occur, including pumping fuel into the wrong pipes or pumping fuel into old and defective fuel tanks. Oil spills result from these mistakes, and these spills can detrimentally affect … Continue reading

How Can I Sustain an Amputation Injury as a Maritime Employee?

Being a maritime worker can be a risky and dangerous job, not only because of the dangers involved with the job itself, but also the chance of unseaworthiness and negligence that can occur. One of the most serious injuries that can occur is an amputation. Losing a limb can be a devastating injury, and no … Continue reading

How Do Texas Helmet Laws Protect Me in a Motorcycle Accident?

The state of Texas has many motorcyclists who travel to and from their place of employment or school. Many states like Texas, however, have debates on whether there should be strict helmet laws placed on people who ride motorcycles. Biker advocacy groups have argued that states and municipalities should let the riders decide what’s safe, … Continue reading

Who Is Covered Under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act?

The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act is a federal workers’ compensation law that gives benefits to specific maritime workers and civilian employees on military bases across the nation. The LHWCA covers longshoremen, harbor employees, and any other employees that work on shipyards, shipping terminals and docks. For civilian workers on military bases, workers’ compensation … Continue reading

Mark T. Murray to Speak at Personal Injury Event in Houston

The TexasBarCLE presents its 34th Annual Course on Advanced Personal Law from July through September of 2018. The event will be live in Houston from September 5-7 at the Westin Oaks Hotel. This live course will discuss personal injury law and how to handle specific types of personal injury cases. Mark T. Murray will represent our … Continue reading

Am I at Risk for a Drowsy Driving Accident?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, about 60% of adult drivers say they have been behind the wheel while feeling drowsy, and more than one-third of adult drivers have actually admitted to falling asleep while driving. These statistics might not be surprising, because most of us have been tired or sleepy while driving to work, … Continue reading

How to Be Safe as a New Motorcyclist

Riding a motorcycle is an exciting mode of transportation for many people all over the world. Motorcycles are convenient and they are a speedy way to get to your destination, whether it’s to your workplace or anywhere else in your city or town. However, it’s common knowledge that motorcycles are also incredibly dangerous. Motorcyclists are … Continue reading

What Are Some Illnesses You Could Contract as a Maritime Worker?

Maritime workers deal with dangerous situations and circumstances every day while they’re working. They are exposed to deadly toxins, gases, and other harmful substances frequently. As a result of this, many career maritime workers suffer from various occupational diseases and illnesses. These occupational diseases are a result of long-term exposure to industrial toxins and dangerous … Continue reading

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