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The Dangers of a Cruise Ship Lifeboat

Posted on : November 2, 2016 Author: Stevenson & Murray

If you work or are involved in the maritime industry, you know there are many dangers and people are often injured even when it was avoidable. Recently, a cruise ship lifeboat accident occurred that highlights the dangers that seem very … Continue reading

Maintenance and Cure: A Seaman’s Right

Posted on : September 2, 2016 Author: Stevenson & Murray

Maintenance and cure has long been recognized in courts in the United States courts. It dates back to 1823 when the court found that seamen, by nature of their profession, are prone to illness and injury and are often unable … Continue reading

Commercial Diving Regulations and Procedures

Posted on : September 2, 2016 Author: Stevenson & Murray

Becoming a commercial diver is appealing to many people. Not only it is it exciting and technically challenging, it can be fun and the pay is great. Unfortunately, it is also a very dangerous occupation, which is why commercial diving … Continue reading

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