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Texas Reckless Driving Examples 2023

Posted on : March 17, 2022 Author: Stevenson & Murray

“Reckless driving” is a familiar phrase, but like many phrases that appear in the law, people don’t always understand its exact legal definition. While you probably believe you would be able to identify reckless driving if you witnessed it, you … Continue reading

What Does Yielding the Right of Way Mean? 2023

Posted on : March 16, 2022 Author: Stevenson & Murray

“Right of way” is an important and fundamental traffic concept that can help avoid traffic accidents. Right of way refers to the set of rules that tells us when a driver should proceed through an intersection or other area, and … Continue reading

What Are the Chances of Dying in a Car Crash in Texas?

Posted on : March 15, 2022 Author: Stevenson & Murray

Nobody likes to dwell on worst-case scenarios or spend all their time worrying about the future. However, being aware of the dangers present in our lives is a normal and healthy part of the human experience. It’s important to remember … Continue reading

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